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We Will - Behind the lyrics

I always have one screaming, southern-rock song on my records and "We Will" is that song on the upcoming album. 

Over the last few years working in the music industry I began to realize something: the fame, the money…it ain’t worth a dime and if it’s all you work for, no matter how much of it you get, you’re going to come up short. Every. Single. Time. When I realized this I took off in the other direction from the industry. I was playing shows and writing music but deep down all I really wanted was to throw my phone in a river, move to the country, and fish all day for the rest of my life. 

Why? Because everything in this industry is fake. Half (if not more) of the people you think you know are lying through their teeth. There have been multiple times when many of you have seen me put on a show and smile, but what you didn't see was me walk off stage, and collapse into tears alone in the green room with a shattered heart. I don’t mention this for sympathy (oh poor blonde girl playing country music for a living what a terrible life) - there is a point. 

I say this because we all get to a place where we just can’t hide what’s going on anymore. When I finally got there I had very few people around me but they all encouraged me to BE HONEST and NOT to censor my own diary, which is essentially what songs are, and to prioritize my FAMILY. So I did, and I just wrote song after song after song about what I REALLY thought. And wouldn’t you know, at the end of myself, when I no longer cared if anything ever happened to my songs or not, when I became happy, joyful, content, GRATEFUL, and aware of the incredibly blessed life I live, the stars lined up all on their own. 

From recording "Church in a Bar" at Allentown in Nashville and having it serviced to country radio, to hearing my song played on WSM for the first time, to sitting in Merle Haggard’s seat AT WSM, to being invited to SESAC and becoming a member in May 2020, to seeing my name in Rolling Stone, and so many other things that are just better told in person. 

It all just…happened. And fast too. I mean we were working HARD but…people, GOOD people, stepped in, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up. 

As for this song: 

I wrote it about my husband, Chris. He was on the road and I was working away and I started asking myself why we were even doing this anymore. We were gaining ground but losing time together all for an industry that, after our stars burn out, WILL chew us up and spit us out. Every 15 minutes comes to an end and then what will we do? Carl Butler has said to me many times “sister, you’re just a car wreck away from never being able to play that guitar again. You need a foundation. Who are you and what would you live for without it?” 

This song was the answer to that question. 

To everyone who has supported me: THANK YOU. 

To everyone who is behind the scenes doing the massive amounts of work to get this off the ground: THANK YOU. YOU WILL BE NAMED. Haha! 

To my friends and family who have picked me up off the floor: THANK YOU. 

And to my husband Chris: Baby, I may never make it, but I know We Will. 

As for the future: 

All we seem to hear these days is “batten down the hatches!” But everyone around me is yelling “NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! FULL. STEAM. AHEAD!” 

Here goes everything. See you out there,


My name is Sara. I'm just your Average Jane. I'm originally from McGehee, Arkansas. I love a river delta sunset, a porch swing, and a fried bologna sandwich. I'm southern, not western, and cowboy boots look weird on me so I don't really wear them. Overalls have been and always will be a wardrobe staple. 

If you've landed on this page you know, I write songs. I started writing songs almost ten years ago and this year ONE of those 800 some odd songs (Church in a Bar) was FINALLY serviced to country radio. I am going to push this song until it's a hit because my team and I, we believe in it. And because Loretta Lynn once told me that "If you have a hit song you have to get out there and push it because NO ONE is going to do it for you." She's right. 

What I don't believe in? Quitting. I could have quit two years in after my first record when I was told "there are no hits on this." I could have (and maybe should have) sold all of my guitars six years in after I went broke and every door was slammed in my face. I could have totally given up after my FOURTH record FINALLY hit Billboard and nothing really happened with it. 

But I didn't. And I'm not going to. And if you're reading this and you're working towards a goal, keep going. 

I love writing songs, but at the end of the day, music isn't who I am it's simply what I do. Who I am, is what dictates HOW I do what I do.

"I ain't buyin' my way in and I ain't sellin' my soul." - Average Jane

See you out there,